About Rebecca DeGroodt

Apples to Apples 1 , mixed media collage with acrylic painting

Apples to Apples 1, mixed media collage with acrylic painting

I've always been a lover of history and literature -- fascinated by our stories and what they say about who we are. Arts and crafts competed with reading as favorite activities while growing up. I majored in English and History in college and took art classes on the side. As an adult I’m continually drawn to old things and found objects and the engrossing process of combining them with collage, painting, hand stitching and assemblage to create a piece that speaks to us anew.

My art process involves layering images, colors and textures to explore storytelling through visual composition. I may be inspired by a single object — such as a 1940’s “Japan” figurine, an embroidered hankie, or a scrap of ephemera. Or I may want to paint a subject in watercolor and set it within a collage of related elements. The media I work with include --watercolor and acrylic paints, ink, wax, graphite, and hand stitching. I can often be found treasure hunting at antique malls and flea markets for vintage papers and photographs, handiwork, fabrics, figurines, buttons, books . . . any little odd or end that I feel has something to say.

Blackbird Singing 2 , mixed media collage with acrylic painting

Blackbird Singing 2, mixed media collage with acrylic painting

The subject matter of my work often revolves around home keeping — houses themselves and the objects we furnish them with, gardens and farms — the places and ways we live our every day lives. I love birds and animals, and dogs — boon companions that they are, in particular are close to my heart. I’m also drawn to the sea and shore and other natural settings — the places we go to escape and often find our truest selves. I explore the way the shifting light and colors of the seasons can change the mood and aspect of a subject. I like to study color combinations and mixed media techniques in a series of small works, often based on the shape of a heart or cross.

Sailor’s Valentine , mixed media collage with shell assemblage

Sailor’s Valentine, mixed media collage with shell assemblage

I create collage and assemblage two-dimensional art. For substrates I use canvas, cradleboards, salvaged pieces of architecture and old furniture, and shadowboxes constructed within old frames. I also make cards, journals and seasonal decorations. Occasionally I’ll get caught up in a theme and up-cycle a small piece of furniture.


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